Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Age of the child: birth to 15 months

Making picture cards of common objects

To make these cards is very easy. Simply cut the bristle board in equal square pieces. To begin with introducing 5 cards is enough. Pictures can be cut out from any old magazines and pasted on to the cards. These picture cards are excellent to develop vocabulary in such young children.
To present just lay the cards on the mat in order, starting from left to right. Then holding one card at a time just say the name of the picture. Repetition of such an activity will help child remember the names of the pictures. Later on many more games can be played with the same card. Just be informed that infants experiment and even rip the corners of edges not finished properly. So it is advisable to laminate them or simply use wide scotch tape to cover the edges. For example
  • knock, Knock game
  • finding the cards
  • sound games
  • word games etc.

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