Wednesday, 25 July 2012

SENSORIAL ACIVITY: A Basket Full of Fruits and Vegetables

A Basket Full of Fruits and Vegetables

Offering children natural fruits/ vegetables is not only interesting but enriching for their sensory development and as the child grows older he/she can learn the names to increase his/her vocabulary. 

Simply, putting the available fruits/vegetables in a basket and let the child take them out one by one, feeling / smelling them  and putting them on the mat. If the child is willing to learn new words teach him/ her 3 names at a time. 

Extension ideas

  • Children can sort them according to their colors
  • or they can sort them according to groups: fruits and veg.
  • fruits and vegetable can be used to play sound games ( beginning and ending sounds ) and even full words depending on the child's age
  • for older children they can be further grouped according to how they grow: whether they grow on trees/plants/ underground/ creepers etc. 

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  1. Kids can learn so much from simple things at home! Nice post.